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We’ve been noticing a trend for some time. You don’t know which bag to choose because there are too many great colours to choose from. Now you can accessorise with our new Bundles. Beautifully made from scratch resistant vegan leather and fun and creative fabrics. You can now take us home in pairs!

Are you looking to buy a sleek toiletry bag? Or perhaps a discreet yet contemporary bag for essential care products? Boasting a zipped front to 3 sides and an open insert that lies flats, our designs cater to your personal needs. An accessory for all occasions, from day to evening, social events to overnight getaways and holidays. Our bags can multitask as a bag for young girls starting puberty,  also as a nappy bag for Mums on the go, tablet holders for students or to simply store makeup and cash when on a girls night out. So don’t worry about choosing. Just take two!

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