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Who is Raigan J


Raigan J was started with an aim to find a practical solution for having everything on hand during your period. Do away with uncomfortable practices of hiding pads in your pockets or up sleeves. Have everything available at any given time.

We don’t know about you, but there are times when accidents occur. You need more than just a pad or tampon to help out in this situation. So we came up with a solution.

The idea behind the product is to make girls and women more comfortable about their period. Always being prepared by using a bag that doubles up as a clutch, travel bag or nappy bag. There are so many possibilities. Whatever part of life you are in, the bags blend in with everyday life. It’s the really good back up plan if your period comes unexpectedly!

Our bags showcase that period products don’t have to lay randomly at the bottom of your bag.  At Raigan J ,we want you to look and feel good. We want you to be organised and in charge of your period now.