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New Years Resolutions and My Best Reads for 2017

New Years Resolutions

I love New Years Resolutions. It’s a way of refocusing and setting myself some personal, realistic targets. They don’t follow the same pattern each year.  Three years ago, it was my New Years Resolution to stop shopping and buying clothes.  Last year I looked at my health and how to conquer my pain.  One year was to finish a tapestry that had taken me over 2 years to complete.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to Complete this!

Not all New Years Resolutions have succeeded.  I’ve made some commitments that far exceeded my ability in doing it.  But most of all, I just didn’t want to do it.

Resolutions sound great.  When you’re in the hype of the celebrations, you get caught up in everyone’s vibes. My sisters and husband love running and their challenges are marathons. Realistically I don’t like running.  I do it for exercise and love the endorphins it creates and my level of energy afterwards, but I only run 5km at most.  So why would I set a goal to run a marathon?

What Type Of New Years Resolutions.

New Years Resolutions need to be:

  • Realistic
  • Achievable
  • Something you Believe In
  • Something you are Willing to Succeed At.

You will have the best intentions when you start.  So how do you keep that going?

How to Keep your New Years Resolutions.

  • Realise what you have to do to achieve the goal and make a plan
  • Set mini goals each week/month. Achieve by making it achievable
  • Believe that you made your goal to improve yourself and you got this
  • Will yourself by knowing your end goal.

Personal achievement is what you make it.  You can share it with those around you, but in reality, it’s not about those around you.  It is reflecting on your own abilities.  Your own belief in you.

Believe in the power of a personal New Years Resolution and enjoy the year ahead.

My best reads for 2017

Part of my New Years Resolution is to read a book each month.  I’ve found, especially over the last year that I haven’t given me time to get lost in a Suspense Thriller, Chick Lit or one of my favourites era’s and subjects, women in WWII.

This year I have been reading about Women’s Health, Puberty and Periods.  And there is some good stuff out there.  It’s amazing what you learn when you are willing to know more. I was naive to the world of periods and didn’t even know it.  Now I can’t get enough of knowing more.

Top 5 Books 2017

1. Girl Puberty – Cath Hakanson.  

I got to personally meet Cath Hakanson this year after buying her mobile app, sex ed quickies.  This came from a chat I had with my daughter regarding her friendships and I started to realise that I wanted to know more about how to carry on a conversation with her regarding all things about puberty and sexuality.  This led me to Cath.

Cath published her book, Girl Puberty  this year with a guide for how parents to talk to their daughters. It gives you direction and tips of how to talk to your daughter.

Her tips on keeping discussions as informal as possible made me realise how important it is to keep the conversation as natural as talking about what you are going to have for dinner. I would recommend this to everyone needing a good guideline in talking to your daughter about puberty.

I love it so much, that it has become part of the Raigan J Puberty Gift Box. Lets talk about it.

2. The Woman Code – Alisa Vitti

Instead of taking the view that a healthy diet fits all women, Alisa has taken from her years of research and personal experience of having PCOCS and created a book that taps into the phases of your cycle and the varying levels that your hormones are constantly going through during the month.

On a personal level, this is what I needed to push me to understanding that my hormone levels play a massive role in they way I feel.  The imbalances I was experiencing were creating a life that I couldn’t get away from.   By arming myself with the knowledge and know how, I have found more understanding in my symptoms and how to control them.

Most of all, I am happy in myself now. I understand why I may feel the way I feel and now I am in control of it, it doesn’t feel that bad!

3. Puberty Girl – Shushann Movsessian

I bought this book for my daughter. It’s a go to for both her and myself.  I wanted her to have a book that explains changes that occur during puberty that she could read that was written for her age level.

Having read the book before I handed it on, I found it to be the perfect accompaniment to our conversations about puberty.  The terminology is accurate and Shushann personalises it with her experiences so that it doesn’t feel too clinical and distant.

4. Healing Our Hormones Healing Our Lives- Linda Crockett

I’ve had this book for a number fo years.  On a visit to a naturopath, I was in the waiting room and this caught my eye.  Every year I have said to myself that I should read this.  And it wasn’t until this year that I picked it up again.

Healing our Hormones goes through firstly understanding our hormones and the role they play within our Endocrine System.  It then looks at the diseases associated with our hormones and ways to develop a spiritual, physical and emotional state in healing our imbalances.

When reading the Chapter on Endometriosis, I felt somewhat guilty in myself for not reading this earlier.  But in reality, I wasn’t ready to face what Linda had to say until now.  Not for the light hearted, but those ready to make changes in their lives to create a balanced and happy outcome.

5. Not a book but everything on

Education and Awareness of Endometriosis has gained momentum this year and one organisation that contains some great, insightful knowledge is Endometriosis Australia.

Having suffered many years without knowing what was happening to me, I have joined many organisations with the thirst for knowledge on Endometriosis.  Endo Australia provides facts and latest information. Their stories cover Medical, Government and Community stories and is my one place to go when I want to keep informed.



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