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My Period Story So Far

Women around the world would have at least one interesting period story to tell.  Everyone’s will be different as experiences of periods personally effect emotions and their environment.

Studies have shown that women around the world can suffer the same conditions but will respond very differently due to the demographic, social values and education behind understanding one’s period.

So this my period story so far. It’s personal but just one in many.


At the age of twelve, I gave up ballet.  I wasn’t aspiring to become the next prima ballerina. I did ballet because I loved it and the sense of freedom it gave me when I danced onstage in character.  But along came my period and that ended that.  I was embarrassed when I got it, because I wasn’t using the right product and during one of my dance classes, I bled through my clothes (I was wearing yellow leggings!) and was mortified that this is what I would be going through every time I got my period. No matter what my mother said, I was too embarrassed to set foot back into the dance class again.

Throughout my life I have struggled with my hormones, which have played a big role every two weeks of the month .  I could be angry, crying, or paranoid.  Sometimes I’ll think the worst of those around me and then cry or get highly upset because of the thoughts I’ve just had.  And four days later, those things become irrelevant and I wonder how I could have thought that way! For some of you, this may sound all too familiar!!

For years I’ve worked on what is triggering these symptoms, seeing doctors, specialists, naturopaths and functional medicine doctors. I have been on medication, supplements and health plans.  At 40 , I’m still haven’t perfected the balance but am finally coming in tune with my body and am able to acknowledge what is going on and how to deal with it.  This comes from lots of reading, eliminating toxic foods that were causing my hormones to behave erratically and accepting the environmental situations that cause the problems.


As my research continued into Raigan J Bags, I was astounded by the lack of information I knew about periods.  Having had my period for over 27 years I thought I knew all there was to know from just my personal experiences. How wrong was I!

With a better understanding I now love a good cry.  After it, I feel great.  It doesn’t mean that I am any less strong.  It means that I deal with my emotions at that time; the way my body is telling me too.  I’m releasing toxins which helps reduce stress immediately.

But it got me thinking, why do we feel this way?  What is happening today that wasn’t happening in my Grandmother’s day?  Well the simple answer is, women’s lives have got busier.  We lead a lot of lives.  Work, school, social, domestic and parenting.  Many of us cope with multiple work life balances and the pressures we put on ourselves far exceed those that our Grandmother’s experienced.


We like to think we are invincible and work hard, play hard or raise a family and have a career or put everyone else first without thinking of ourselves. Five years ago I didn’t exercise and I didn’t spend time on myself.  And I know that I’m not the only one that goes through this at different stages in their lives.  There are many stories I have heard of, with women trying to succeed in every aspect of their lives. We are not  Supermums or Superwomen.  We do it because it is rewarding and we enjoy the work, enjoy learning and studying, and most of all enjoy our families. But we need to give in a little to let our self and body catch up with our lives.  We need to give ourselves the dedication we give to others so that we can be the best for others.

Now, in this current moment, I am learning how to manage my hormones. It’s not perfect, but being organised, integrating good eating practices along with plenty of enjoyable exercise (I have discovered Karate!) and time to myself whilst being surrounded by a beautiful family and great friends, I can manage the ups and downs that come with my period.


So this is where I am, and I have realised that I am not the only one going through this so I decided to create a product to help girls and women proactively manage their monthly cycle. To bring the topic of periods into regular discussion so women can share and support each other, rather than learn by trial and error on our own.

Our aim at Raigan J is to create a supportive community where everyone gets involved in the discussion. We need your input to create a positive environment where we all share our experiences for each of us to listen, learn and grow. It’s taken me a while to understand my body and I have so much more to learn. This shouldn’t have to happen to the future generation of young girls and women.

Be a part of our Raigan J Community and get involved in understanding your bodies. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for positive vibes and the lowdown on all things period.

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