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Having PMS in the Holiday Season. Tips on how to Survive it.

Tis the Season to be Jolly…… Is it?

Having PMS in the Holiday Season is annoying, literally!  Suffering from PMS or PMDD at the best of times can be very challenging.  The thought of spending time with others is not high on the list of priorities.

We all love to think that the Holiday Season is a time to relax and spend time with loved ones.  But it is also a change in routine and although it may be joyous, it can disrupt your mental and physical wellbeing.  Changes in your Hormone levels will be on higher alert due to changes in diet, sleep patterns and exercise routines.  Although you love seeing family and friends, the Holiday Season does wreak havoc on your body.

My 12 days of altered state

For me, my PMS window runs for twelve days.  It has just recently finished and the emotions were high.  I was doing tasks that were new to me and my stress levels increased, which in turn escalated my feelings during my luteal phase. I was feeling overwhelmed and every item I was trying to complete had a deadline.   At the end of each day when I put the kids to bed and sat down, all my bottled emotions came out in a flood of tears.  Preparing to move Interstate is said to be one of the most stressful things you can do.  This is my fifth move in seven years, so you would think I would have it down pat.  I still think I have it down pat.  But that doesn’t take away the stresses of what involves moving.  My PMS symptoms were front and centre this month!

I am aware of the triggers and what I need to do to control them.  By acknowledging what I was going through I was able to deal with my emotions better I have done in the past.  I ran, did Karate, cut out caffeine and stuck to foods that I knew weren’t reactive. I also worked on my breathing techniques as I was feeling anxiety for the first time in a long time. It wasn’t 100% perfect and that isn’t what I’m striving to achieve. Learning more about how my body reacts to situations is key to ensuring that I can succeed in reducing the level of PMS I suffer from each month.

So how do you get through the Holiday Season with PMS?

I’ve decided to put together a list of ways to limit tension that can build up as your PMS can fluctuate in the Holiday Season. I’ll be keeping these in mind next month when my PMS is due the week we physically move house!


  • Know where you are in your cycle now.  This will help you understand what phase you are in to prepare for the Holiday period.
  • Call ahead of time and ask about the festivities.  Prepare yourself mentally for the event by understanding what is happening prior to the day.

Offer to bring a plate/s of food so that if you do have dietary requirements, you have prepared something that you know will not upset you.

  • Get some exercise in before and during the Holiday Season.  It helps to relieve stress and releases the feel good endorphins that make you feel like a kickass woman.  Going for walks away from the excitement will also help to keep you relaxed.


  • Acknowledge when you are feeling agitated.  Talk to those around you regarding your feelings so they are aware and empathetic to your situation.
  • If you are not comfortable telling people about how you are feeling, work out an escape clause with your partner.  If things get too overwhelming, have a code word so that you can leave the room and go for a walk without too much fuss.
  • I know it’s the holidays and the treats are aplenty. Try to avoid them or eat in moderation. Don’t get too tempted to overindulge.  Your Hormones will become unbalanced and once that occurs your PMS woes will increase.


  • If you are spending time away from your house, pack all of your essentials in an easy to reach bag.  That way if your period comes early, you have something on hand with you at all times. Check out some of our range here at the ⇒RJ shop
  • Order food online and have it delivered to where you are staying.  This enables you to continue your balanced diet for balanced Hormones.

  • Know your body and your limits.  If it all gets too much, find a quiet place (go and lie on your bed) and take in some deep breaths.  Concentrate on slowing your breathing down to relax yourself.
  • Be kind to yourself and accept your limitations.  Don’t worry about those around you and take control of your Holiday Season.

And last of all.  You are beautiful, strong and worthy of looking after yourself.  When you look after you, everything and everyone around you feels your energy.  You have a right to feel good inside and if that means doing things outside the norm, you do it. Be that person you want to be.  And have a great Holiday.

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