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Being prepared for your period at school

Period Bag

Hi there,

Not everyone has a regular monthly period flow and sometimes your period will start when you’re away from home.  For young teens learning to live with menstruation, this can be quite stressful.  Learning to live with your period doesn’t need to be difficult or make you want to crawl into bed and come up for air days later!  There are some helpful ways to be organised and comfortable at the time your period comes along. We’ve been fortunate to have Cath Hakanson from Sex Ed Rescue and Puberty Talk show a DIY Period Kit For School.  Since then there have been some amazing businesses that have produced next level designs.  Gone are the days where you would be wearing a pad the size and thickness of a surfboard!! Menstrual products are comfortable, light and feel like they have been made by the people who have themselves menstruated!

Too much information?

My daughter has recently started menstruating.  You could say that the discussion was one sided with “over sharing” of every bit of menstruating information, including a pile of books to read!  At the 5th minute, you could see the eyes glazing and it indicated to me that too much information doesn’t help at the beginning.  So as the first menstruation cycle played out, she asked questions each day and that made her feel more comfortable to be guided through it bit by bit.

Being prepared

The main thing we prepared was her period bag for school.  Knowing they have supplies ready for when their period arrives gives confidence to get through a day of school without feeling uncomfortable.  Shout out to the schools that also help out people who are menstruating. Your compassion and common sense approach to have supplies on hand for your students is commendable.

The main items that we stocked up on were the following:

  • 4 x Panty liners
  • 2 x Pairs of period pants (I wish these were around when I was at school!). Everyone will be different in the type of menstruation product they will use.  Whatever is comfortable to the person experiencing their period is the best one.  Other options are regular liners, menstrual cup and reusable liners.
  • 1 x Hand Sanitiser (although schools have soap, I find this handy for public toilets)
  • 7 x disposable bags

And of course, they all fit neatly in one of our Raigan J bags, specifically designed to fit all your period needs.  We recommend the Shirley or Sophie, as they lay flat and can be kept in the front pocket of the school bag.